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Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, already has an official launch date: October 5, 2021 . This has been announced by the company in a press release.

It will be that day when Microsoft begins to send its users the update for computers that run Windows 10. This update will be completely free, although the computers that receive it must meet certain preconditions.

The main compatibility problem with Windows 11 is in the TPM chip, a security module necessary to have all the functions of the new operating system and that some computers do not include or are not activated by default.

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One of the most important changes in Windows 11 is at the aesthetic level, because after years of continuity, Microsoft has broken with certain previous standards to promote a renewed and more modern appearance of the operating system.

In turn, the search function will have a separate window, instead of depending on a search field integrated in the taskbar and the company has also announced that there will be important changes in the Windows application store, although in this first version, for now, things remain the same. Microsoft is expected to open the store to third-party distributors and allow Windows to sell applications that were previously banned and had to be downloaded independently.

Twitter is introducing paid subscriptions

The short message service Twitter has introduced a paid subscription model. Prominent users can offer exclusive content for a fee, as the online service announced. The function is available to influencers, musicians, journalists and sports experts, among others. The subscriptions should cost three to ten dollars per month.

Twitter is initially offering the new “Super Follows” function in the USA and Canada . In the coming weeks, the offer is to be extended to other countries. The US group initially collects three percent of the subscription income as a fee. From a threshold of 50,000 dollars, the proportion increases to 20 percent.

Twitter is currently looking for ways to generate new revenue streams without doing any additional advertising. In June, the US company introduced the “Twitter Blue” service in Canada and Australia, which offers users additional functions for a fee.

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