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Amazon gets Apple to remove an application that questioned their “reviews”

An app that analyzes Amazon reviews to determine which ones are fake, will no longer be available on iOS. Amazon has successfully convinced Apple to permanently remove it from the App Store after the company raised concerns that the app provided misleading information and created potential security vulnerabilities. The e-commerce giant has confirmed that it reported Fakespot. One of its biggest concerns — Amazon explained to the North American news outlet Engadget — was that the redesigned application that Fakespot launched in June “wraps” and injects code into its website.

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This technique would, in theory, allow the application to collect data and put confidential customer information, including credit card numbers, at risk. The retail giant contacted Fakespot directly to address its security concerns, and apparently the app owner took no action. Fakespot founder and CEO Saoud Khalifah admitted that his company collected some user data, but said it did not sell information to third parties. Furthermore, it denied Amazon’s claim that the app presents security risks. “We do not steal user information, we never have. They have shown zero evidence and Apple acted in the litigation with zero evidence,” he told the publication. Apparently, Apple did not give his company adequate warning before the app was removed, and did not even give his company a chance to rectify any issues the tech giant might have.

The curious way Malaysia fights against illegal cryptocurrency mining

In a city in Sarawak, Malaysia, authorities disposed of 1,069 mining rigs at a time by crushing them with a steamroller. According to the Malaysian publication Dayak Daily, the mining computers were confiscated during six raids carried out between February and April this year. Sarawak Energy Berhad, the Malaysian province’s electricity utility, accuses mining operators of stealing electricity for their activities . The operators allegedly misappropriated 1.2 million euros worth of electricity.

People who want to seriously mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum use purpose-built computers, and the process generally consumes a lot of electricity as they use highly advanced hardware and traditionally consume a lot of electricity, making it practically unprofitable to pay for the light, which is why they are plugged into the electricity grid illegally.

Malaysian city police chief Hakemal Hawari told Dayak Daily that theft of power for mining operations has been so rampant this year that three houses were burned as a result of illegal electrical connections.

The new iPhone could include “Always-On-Display” technology

New voices join to chant that the next iPhone could have a screen with Always-On-Display technology, this means that it will always be active. As 9to5Mac points out, the 2021 iPhone that still has no name could have an always-on screen “similar to an Apple Watch” with better battery life, in addition to a refresh rate of 120Hz , a screen notch smaller or even a notch like many kites using Android and an A15 chip.

Max Weinbach noted in past leaks that Apple would use a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) panel that, like the Apple Watch and some Android phones, might be able to hit extremely low refresh rates to deliver information. persistent without much of an impact to battery life. Some notifications, battery life, and clock may be displayed without fully activating the phone.

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