Microsoft Introduces Login Without A Password

For many computer users, passwords are part of everyday life, but now, at least for Microsoft services such as Windows, Outlook and OneDrive, they may no longer be necessary. From October 5th, private users will also be able to log into their Microsoft account without a password. All you need is a corresponding app or you can confirm your registration by mobile phone or email.

Instead of a password, you only have to enter a short code, which is displayed via the corresponding function. This means that it will be impossible for users to forget their password in the future. However, you will not be granted access if you lose the selected verification type. The login function is not completely new — Microsoft has been offering this option to business customers and administrators for several months.

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If you want to use the passwordless login, you should download an authenticator app. These are available for Android and iOS as well as for the browser. Then you can activate the passwordless login in the security settings of your own Microsoft account and verify this via the app. More than 200 million people already used passwordless options, Microsoft Vice President Vasu Jakkal told the US tech magazine The Verge . Microsoft also justifies the introduction of the new login option with the corona pandemic, which has increased the number of digital devices and cyber attacks exponentially.

In addition to the new login option, it will still be possible to log in with a password in the future. According to Microsoft, however, the new options are much more secure than the old passwords, which hackers could steal or simply guess.

Microsoft is not the first company to offer a passwordless login: Google, Apple and other companies are also working on reliance on passwords less. Google Chrome and Apple’s latest iOS update also offer such login options.

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