A high-speed aviation startup has landed a major contract with the United States Air Force for the development of reusable hypersonic aircraft, and it could lead to significantly faster air travel for civilians. Hermeus, an aircraft development company based in Doraville, Georgia, earned $ 60 million to develop three prototypes of hypersonic technology. The company also has plans for bigger and better airplanes.

If successful, Hermeus could finally snatch the crown from the world’s fastest aircraft from the SR-71 Blackbird.

The Executive and Presidential Air Transport Directorate of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the Air Force Research…

Better cameras and chips, larger displays, longer battery life, up to a terabyte of storage space on the latest luxury iPhone model: Apple continues to pump up the performance of its iPhones, Apple Watches and iPad minis.

With the PR machine well-oiled as expected, Apple CEO Tim Cook used this year’s online presentation of his latest corporate developments to finally bring products, products, products into the public eye again. That had been a little different in the weeks before, when the company had to take a few dampers: First there was a lot of criticism of Apple’s announced measures against…

The first samples of rocks from Mars from the Perseverance rover are already providing the first valuable information . Initial analysis of the samples by NASA researchers indicates that water was present in Jezero crater for a “long time,” possibly tens of thousands to millions of years. That, in turn, suggests that the water on Mars was stable enough to make it relatively welcoming to microscopic life.

The mission team also detected crucial salts that could have formed when water flowed through the sampled rock . …

Facebook Launches Sunglasses With Photo And Video Camera

The latest product from Facebook is sunglasses that look normal but with a little surprise. They have, built into the pins and the front, two cameras, three microphones and speakers.

The glasses are designed to record videos or take photos quickly and upload them almost instantly to Instagram or Facebook itself. They can also be used to listen to music or podcasts and although they have a button to shoot or start recording, they can also be controlled using just your voice.

The idea is not new and in a way it…

Angry protests, technological failures, and plummeting value marked the first day El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. Bitcoin’s price fell to its lowest level in nearly a month on Tuesday, dropping from $ 52,000 to less than $ 43,000 in a short space of time.

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An opposition politician said the fall caused one of the poorest countries in Latin America to lose $ 3 million . The launch of bitcoin in El Salvador was far from what President Nayib Bukele would have envisioned when he began his bold experiment…

HomeTech News Cryptocurrency || El Salvador Declares Bitcoin As Its Official Currency

In El Salvador, the digital currency Bitcoin will be legal tender from Tuesday. The Central American state is the first country in the world to take this step. A corresponding law was passed three months ago and is now coming into force. It stipulates that every merchant must accept Bitcoin as a means of payment if they are technically able to do so. Taxes can also be paid in the cryptocurrency.

No capital gains tax should be levied on the exchange of Bitcoin. The exchange rate to the…

The US technology group Apple will postpone its announced system for tracking down images of abuse from children. The company announced that more time would be invested in the coming months for further suggestions and improvements to the system before the important functions are published.

With the postponement, the group is responding to massive criticism from security experts and data protectionists who feared that the system would be misused for state surveillance. Initially, the company wanted to introduce the changes this year, as part of updates to the operating system for iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches.

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HomeWindows Tech News || Windows 11 Release Date | Twitter Is Introducing Paid Subscriptions

Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, already has an official launch date: October 5, 2021 . This has been announced by the company in a press release.

It will be that day when Microsoft begins to send its users the update for computers that run Windows 10. This update will be completely free, although the computers that receive it must meet certain preconditions.

HomeUSA Ninja Bomb || The Missile “Full Of Swords” And “Without Explosives” With Which The US Has Avenged The 3 Marines Killed At The Kabul Airport

It is known colloquially as “Ninja Bomb” and is part of a secret project of the CIA and the Department of Defense. …

HomeUSA Tech News || Invest To Shield The US From Hackers | Facebook Could Advise On Future Elections

The incredible amount that Google and Microsoft will invest to shield the US from hackers

After a meeting with President Joe Biden, Google and Microsoft promised to invest a total of $30 billion in cybersecurity advancements over the next five years. Google promised 10 billion dollars, while Microsoft has assured that it will invest 20 billion of the US currency.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Twitter that 150 million of that money will be used to expand Microsoft’s training network and…


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